Chinook Salmon Fishing on the Rogue River with Anglerwest TV


The Rogue River has been long considered one of Oregon’s great salmon and steelhead fishing destinations with people coming from around the world to get a shot and these larger than life fish. The Rogue is renowned for decent runs of big Chinook salmon as well as Steelhead. These fish, run the river from spring into winter and are among some of the largest of the species to be caught in the state. Some of the Chinook salmon that call the Rogue home have rivaled the monster kings that run the Kenai River in Alaska were the world record Chinook was caught weighing in at 97 lbs. Chinook in the Rogue have been caught as large as 60lbs and the current former world record Chinook of 71.5 lbs was caught in the Rogue River in 2001. This attracts fishing enthusiast as and droves of Rogue river fishing guides to the river every year to catch some of the prize trphy class fish.Guides Chinook salmon fishing

Spring Chinook Salmon

The Rogue hosts a major run of spring Chinook salmon. These are among the best eating of the species and are referred to as “Springer’s” Generally these fish spend three years in the ocean, then begin their journey up the river between March and June. Runs vary from 10,000 and 80,000 fish per season with the typical Chinook caught weighing between 12 lbs. to 18 lbs. This time of year you’ll see several Rogue river fishing guides taking clients out to target these cherished fish.


Fall Chinook Salmon

The Fall Chinook season is primarily all wild fish. These tend to be larger than the spring run with fish that can get anywhere from 40 lbs. to 60 lbs. The fall Chinook enter the Rogue River in July and by August can be caught as far up as the Grants Pass. There are two primary Fall Chinook runs on the Rogue River, the first run enters the river in July and August while the later run journeys through the Rogue to the Illinois river to begin spawning in October.

Coho Fishing Trips

Coho Salmon

Coho salmon start heading up the Rogue in September and October and provide good fishing through November. Although Coho is one of the smaller of the salmon species that run the Rogue, they are among the best eating. During late fall Coho are about 50/50 wild versus hatchery. These fish are exceptionally good eating but be aware only hatchery Coho can be retained on the Rogue River.


Summer Steelhead

The summer steelhead that run on the Rogue full of vigor and fun to catch. These lively hard fighting bright fish run from 18 in. to 22 in. long and average about three pounds. The summer run steelhead are smaller due the short time spent in the ocean feeding before returning to the rogue to spawn. About half of these steelhead are wild, and the other half are hatchery fish. The Summer steelhead run enters the river in May and by July are spread throughout almost the entire river system. The fishing is hot up above Gold Ray Dam in September and October.

Winter Steelhead fishing trips

Winter Steelhead

During the month of November Rogue river fishing guides target winter steelhead. These are the larger of the Rogue steelhead due to the longer time they spend at sea feeding before entering the river. The Rogue River winter steelhead run heavy from December through March, and they spread through the river with plenty of bright a fish to be found all the way into April.

The majority of these fish are wild fish with about 20% being hatchery fish. These fish begin to spawn as early as December and as late as June, with the heaviest spawning taking place in March and April.




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