Rogue anglers reminded of April 1 closures, low flow conditions

Image source: The Wild & Scenic Rogue River


Wednesday, March 30, 2022


CENTRAL POINT, Ore – ODFW reminds anglers of several closures on the Rogue River beginning Friday, April 1.


  • Hatchery Hole: closes to allangling April 1 – July 31, 2022. This closure is primarily due to poor hatchery spring chinook returns and to help meet broodstock needs.
  • Trout fishing: closes April 1 – May 21 in the Rogue, Applegate and Illinois rivers to protect wild steelhead smolts headed to the ocean. Catch and release fly angling for trout is also prohibited during this time. This annual closure has been in place since the mid-1990s.

Low flow conditions:
The upper and middle Rogue are close to record low flows, due partly to water being held back to help fill Lost Creek and Applegate reservoirs. Continued drought is also affecting flows in Rogue tributaries.

Biologists say many wild winter steelhead that typically spawn in tributaries are now spawning in the mainstem Rogue because of low flows. Redds (fish nests) are typically found along tailouts and river margins.

Anglers and other river users should avoid disturbing spawning fish and redds and in the shallow riffles and tailouts of the upper Rogue. Because the developing eggs and fry will remain in the gravel through June, caution is needed for the next few months. With higher-than-normal wild winter steelhead spawning in this area, redds could be damaged or destroyed by disturbance or trampling.




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